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Do you have any uncompleted tasks nagging at the back of your mind? Areas of clutter that need clearing up? Bills you haven't paid on time? Work left unfinished? 

We may not realize how much energy uncompleted tasks can draw from our life. They can get in the way of our happiness. They can impede the flow of universal energy. We may avoid certain tasks because it seems they take too much time and effort--without realizing that they are drawing vital energy from us by occupying a space in our mind.

     One way to free up space in your mind is to take care of the details of your life so they do not pile up and overwhelm you. You do not have to be an overnight success at this. Small steps are just fine. The important point is to implement a plan of action and then follow through with it, even if it is only one small step at a time.

     When you complete tasks that have been nagging you for days, months, or even years, you will enjoy a sense of accomplishment. Your confidence will increase. This paves the way to even greater accomplishments. More importantly, it relieves you of unhappy stress. It brings a sense of relief. It helps you feel good about yourself. It creates more energy so you can think more clearly, be more creative, and lead a more peaceful, happier life. 

     So as the beginning of the school year rolls around for children all over the world, let this month be a new beginning for you. Clear up space in your head. Declutter a closet. Declutter your body. Declutter your life. 

Become aware of the clutter of false thoughts that constantly clutter up your mind.

The Clear and Simple Way School can help you live a more peaceful life. Enroll now to begin your Orientation. You will receive daily email messages right away and join your classmates in Your Open Classroom online. Your Monthly Lessons will arrive by email at the start of the next semester. Questions? Comments? I love to hear from you: clearandsimpleway