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September Message 2008:
Transform The Past

Although January is the official date for the New Year and new beginnings, perhaps the time most embedded in our hearts and minds is September, when most of us, as children, returned to school with new shoes, new clothes and for many a new season of falling leaves. Even in Los Angeles, where I live now, there are areas with trees where the leaves change color. This year I will be in New York in September for a class reunion with some dear friends and to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of my parents who still live where I grew up. 

Happy memories, like scintillating autumn days, create happy feelings inside us. You could think of yourself as a container. Every experience you have ever had is contained within you. When you access happy memories, you feel happy. When you access unhappy memories, you feel unhappy.

I once heard the phrase give up the hope of a better past. At first glance, that phrase seems absolutely true – there is no way we can change our past. And ruminating on how we wish things would have, should have, could have been keeps us mired in hopelessness and despair that can turn into bitterness and defeat. 
While we cannot change the actual facts of our past, we can change our perceptions of the past. When our perceptions change, so do we! 

Changing our perceptions is something that happens with spiritual maturity, as we become willing to give up our self-centered and often selfish views of people, events, and situations. We begin to expand as our thinking expands, we let go of false beliefs and false conditioning – or it lets go of us. We begin to see that the world doesn't really revolve around us. Everything is not personal. Even when people seem to deliberately hurt us, it is not about us. 

When we begin to see our past in a new light – the light of conscious awareness – we become more compassionate, not only towards others, but also towards ourselves. Holding blame and judgment against others is kind neither to another neither person or to yourself. Living with bitterness, anger, or pain is not a compassionate way to live. It keeps us mired in hopelessness, unable to appreciate the freshness of the moment. It creates more and more unhappy memories inside us.

When you find your mind returning again and again to some unhappy event, and all the unhappy thoughts that accompany it, can you take a big breath and exhale those thoughts? Becoming present with breath is a quick way to bring yourself into the present moment. Inhale and exhale a few times, forcefully blowing out all the tension, all the bad memories as you remind yourself that you are here now, present in your life! Tell yourself that all those bad memories are in the past, the war (whatever particular war you are fighting in your mind) is over, and you are here now, present in your life!  

This is one step towards changing your perception of the past – by speaking intelligently and truthfully to yourself – telling yourself that the past is over – telling yourself that you are here now! The heart loves truth. The ego loves lies. The heart thrives on honesty. The ego thrives on drama. 

We will talk more in our next message about changing your perceptions of the past, thereby transforming yourself.  

Enjoy the new beginnings of Autumn, wherever you are, in whatever climate. As the leaves and seasons change, so do we change. The body grows into different patterns, each equally beautiful. It is up to each of us to see the beauty in our changing bodies as we grow towards winter. So honor yourself as you are today, exactly as God expresses through you. If there are things about yourself and your life that you want to change, remember that change takes place best in an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance – so be open to loving yourself unconditionally. If you cannot love yourself unconditionally today, no matter. The angels do not require immediate self-acceptance. The angels, in fact, do not require anything at all. The angels simply offer a path of conscious awareness. Awareness leads to compassion, not only for others, but also for yourself. Acceptance arises naturally from compassion. This is a gradual process, so please do not be dismayed if you are not an overnight success.

Honor yourself today for the simple fact of showing up and reading these words – for putting forth the effort to understand yourself.

With great love & respect, Indira

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