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Judith A. Parsons, Msw aka Indira


I offer deeply compassionate counseling sessions which are both practical and spiritual. This offers you an opportunity to better understand yourself, your relationships, and deal more effectively with life. 

We access information that may not be known to your conscious mind but which hinders your path to the light and frustrates your attempts to do what is yours to do in this life. 

The inner leads to the outer. As the angels teach, "What you are not aware of controls you. When you become aware of negative patterns, they begin to lose control over you."

How did I come to do this work?

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I am an empathic intuitive by birth. I have been giving angel readings since 1981. My graduate work is in Clinical Therapy. I was a very curious child, with natural intuitive and empathic abilities. My earliest memories are of trying to find where I came from and where God was.

A near-death experience (NDE) put me into direct contact with the Light and the angels. I encountered the Light of all Love, Compassion, and Wisdom. Although I chose to go to that light, an angel sent me back to complete my life on earth.

My contact with the Light, Angels, and Beings of Light altered my concept of reality and gave me a personal experience that there is something more than this earthly life. The ability to commune with the higher energy of the angels stayed with me.  

As other people began to notice the changes in my life, they began to ask if could give them angel readings. Slowly I responded to those requests and the first angel readings were born in 1981. I have been giving them ever since. 

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Individual, Couples, Family Sessions 
y phone, Skype, or In Person

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In person: If you are where I am or traveling to, we may meet in person. Check my schedule, or email me to find out where I am.

By phone or Skype: We can work together  by phone or in person. Contact me for more information and to see if this work is for you. Free 10 minute consultation.

I look forward to working with you. Call to find out more. 

What do you bring to your Session?

You cannot receive more than you are willing to receive. So come with with an open receptive mind and heart. 

Your future comes from how you live this moment. This moment is all you have. This may sound like a simple cliché, but truth is like that -- simple and easily missed. 

So contemplate what you'd like to receive. Prepare some questions and be willing for the answers to come from a source higher than your mind can reach. All answers exist within your heart, and sometimes you need practical and spiritual guidance to get there. This is how an angel reading, retreat or seminar can serve you. 

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