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October Monthly Message 2010
Being Successful

What does success mean to you? Surely there is outer success, characterized by the things we can attain in this world . . . more education, more money, more things . . . a new car, a bigger house, maybe even your name up in lights. The only light that really matters, though, is inner Light. By now you know there is no outer achievement that can make you happier. By now you must realize that true happiness is internal and eternal. Nothing evanescent can bring us lasting joy. . . and all the things of this world are evanescent.  

Certainly there are things that can make life easier . . . like a down comforter, an automatic washing machine...better yet, a maid! But none of these can bring lasting peace. Inner peace is independent of anything . . . any thing . . . at all. Inner peace is supremely free and independent. It relies upon nothing for its existence. 

When we believe our success is dependent upon any thing in this world, we become a prisoner of that thing. That thing becomes our master . . . whether it be money, beauty, friends, a lover, or a house by the river. Many people live their lives in search of things and even achieve their goals. Unless we have achieved something within, outer achievement leaves us empty, still searching, still mystified as to why we are not happy.

The world is your playground. You are here to live in abundance. The universe is an abundant creator and everything is abundantly given when we are open and willing to receive. If you are experiencing blocks to receiving, perhaps you would like to ask yourself if you are truly open to the gifts of life. What beliefs stand in the way of your happiness?

Still, no matter what we can achieve in this world, it means nothing unless our spirit is a fountain rising to the sun.There are people making millions of dollars each year who live in inner misery. Such people can do nothing but add more misery to the world...because the only thing we have to share with the world is our own state of being.

So dedicate your life to knowing yourself. Open yourself to inner wisdom and lasting peace. Then you will be happy if you have a million dollars. And you will be happy if you lose your million dollars. Because you will be living in truth, like a fountain rising to the sun.

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