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November 2009 Message ~ Receiving What Is

 November, at least in the USA, is a time to give gratitude for the harvest.


     Life can be so clear and simple, so peaceful and graceful, when we stop demanding and become willing to receive what IS. What IS in your life? What do you resist in life? What do you demand from life? What do you reject in life?


     You know how important the attitude of gratitude is. And what is the necessary companion of gratitude? Receptivity! 


     Surely you have heard that it is as blessed to give as to receive. Have you ever contemplated this? It is as blessed to give as to receive. Giving and Receiving are both blessed! If you do not receive, you can never experience gratitude. If you do not allow others to give to you, you deprive them of the blessing of giving. Allow yourself to be receptive to both giving and receiving.


      Receptivity is the most important characteristic on the spiritual path. Only a receptive mind and heart can receive the higher teachings of Truth! So consider the wisdom of receptivity. Notice when you are closed and rigid, thinking you already know everything. Notice when you take offense at the slightest criticism. Tell yourself that you are going to listen carefully when people criticize you, to see if there is a message there for you--maybe the criticism is actually healthy information that can help you heal and grow. The ego never wants to heal or grow.

     This does not mean you must accept all criticism as true. Just observe how you react. Ask yourself what the larger message is. If someone is constantly critical and mean to you, maybe the message is that you should keep kinder company.

      Do your best to approach life and your spiritual path with an open, receptive heart, trusting that life presents to you what you need. The more receptive you are, the more you will experience gratitude. The more gratitude you experience, the more you will receive.

     For this moment, please receive my gratitude for your continued support of my work, for being here, now, alive, aware, and awake in the present moment. I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving whatever country you live in. I wish you the blessing of receptivity, so that you might receive more abundantly the light of God and that your gratitude might spill out like a cornucopia.

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