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Brew a cuppa and read to your heart's content! Just remember that everything here is copyrighted and may not be used without permission: email me. Scroll down to read the current New Year's Message as well as older ones and all archived messages -- or click 'monthly messages' in the navigation bar.


January 2020 New Year's Message: Compassion

Compassion begins at ‘home‘ — with and for yourself. 2020 is your year to focus on compassion. Call upon the Angels of Compassion to be with you, guide you, help you. Contemplate this word Compassion and ask that its true meaning be revealed within you and manifest through you. When you are going through a rough time, pause. Look within. Are you being compassionate with yourself? If not, change. Right in the moment you can change. Shift your focus. Set your intention on compassion. Be the compassion. Let it fill you. Let it show you the way. Let if flow over and through you like a warm blue sea, soothing, gentle, calm. Compassion can be as gentle as the ocean—and also as powerful. Surrender to the flow of Compassion. No need to feel sorry for yourself. That’s not compassionate. That’s just being a victim. Straighten yourself up. Stand tall. Take long powerful strides through life. Take slow meditative steps. Breathe deep. Resolve to let Compassion teach you, guide you, set you in the right direction. Compassion is your friend for 2020and forever.

January 2018 New Year's Message

The lotus is a flower
That grows in the mud
The thicker and deeper the mud
The more beautiful the lotus blooms.

Just because darkness threatens our world and tries to destroy us, does not mean we are destroyed. No matter what you face, you can continue to grow like a lotus towards the light. You do not have to know how to get out of the darkness. You cannot know with your mind. Fortunately, you do not have to know. There is a part of you that longs to be free. Never mind the mud! Stay focused on the light. Stay focused on your inner longing to know something higher and finer.

The main thing is to keep your wish for Truth alive. Understand that ego knows nothing of this wish. The wish to grow upward towards the light does not originate with ego. This wish of yours, the wish that brought you to the school, is pure and innocent. This purity and innocence is your true nature. Keep it alive! Keep it alive by showing up for your lessons and all the lessons of your life. Stay committed to Truth, and Truth will stay committed to you.

In this way, beautiful results will be created in your life. Show up, do the work, and leave the results in the hands of a higher power. When you worry about the future, you are holding hands with darkness. You have already forgotten the purity and innocence of the present moment. You have forgotten that all the mud in the world cannot touch the pure lotus blossom of Love. You have forgotten that the thicker and deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms.

February/March 2017 Message

In the words of Picasso, “My mother told me, if you become a soldier you will be a general. If you become a monk you will end up as a pope. Instead I became a painter and I wound up as Picasso.” Is it not a lovely thought—to wind-up as yourself—in all your absolute and unique divinity?

New Year 2017 Message
"Into the Silence"

The world can be a very noisy place, noisy with traffic, with crowds, politicians,  with so many egos, all clamoring for attention. 

Amidst the noise of the world, remember to take time for silence
-- to be still and go within where the noise of the world cannot reach. The world of media, politicians, and corporate greed will do its best to draw you outward, away from your center, into the noisy clamor of negativity and fear.

Fear is the greatest weapon of mass control. Do not let the world and its proclamations of doom and gloom draw you into fear and keep you there. Do not let the world t
rick you into anger. Go into the Silence. All problems, no matter what they are, can be fixed by something Higher than yourself. Inner silence is what helps you connect with the Truth within you.

You are changed for the good when you live in alignment with the Truth within you. Otherwise, you are untrue to yourself. You can share Truth with others only when you understand yourself and live in alignment with that Understanding.

People who go through a near-death experience often talk about moving through a dark tunnel. Often they see a light at the end of that tunnel and have other mystical experiences. The angels say, You, your false nature, is the dark tunnel. The Light is you, yourself, who you really are.

So take time for Silence. Go within. Go deeper than the noise of your mind, deeper than the noise of the world. We are living in perilous times. You must go within to find what is true. Do not let yourself and your spiritual path be sidetracked by the noise of the world. You have a right to live in light. Peace is your divine birthright. Anger, fear, and sarcasm have no right to fill you with darkness. Light is your essential nature. Go deep into the Silence. Let it speak to you. Let it take you to your heart. Let the Light of all wisdom, love, and compassion live through you. Let it direct you life. Let this be your resolution and commitment for 2017.


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Moving into the 
New Year 2016 
Consciousness Awareness


Many people make resolutions for the New Year, but how many keep them? In what spirit are they made? Why are they so easily broken or forgotten?

This year you might want to ask yourself some questions about all the resolutions you’ve made in your life. Questions such as: Did I keep them? Did making resolutions make me feel good about myself? How did I feel when I made them? How many times have I made those resolutions? Was I filled with guilt and self-condemnation when I didn’t keep them? Why did I make them? Why can’t I keep them? Which ones, if any, have I kept? Did keeping them have long-term positive effects? Do I make resolutions just for fun, or do I really intend to keep them?

Is making resolutions a mechanical habit that you do just because everyone else is doing it? Or is it a conscious act of awareness? Does making resolutions bring you into the present moment, or keep you locked in some idea of who you think you should be? Does it keep you from accepting yourself as you are now?

Today is all we have. Specifically, this moment is all we have. What if you were able to bring all of your energy right here into this present moment? All of it! Wouldn’t your senses suddenly come alive in a way they never have been? Wouldn’t you be aware in a way you never have been? Wouldn’t you feel and breathe and be completely alive? Wouldn’t you be filled with joy?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then doesn’t it stand to reason that the best resolution you can make is to do everything possible to bring yourself into the present moment of complete awareness? Instead of making the same dreary resolutions over and over, why not resolve instead to ask yourself higher questions — and then wait for the answers to come, not from your mind, but from higher consciousness? Why not ask for the receptivity to hear the answers that come from a place that is deeper and higher than the mind can travel? Why not let those higher answers guide you?

Archived Messages

As of December 2011 I am no longer archiving monthly messages, so there is one chance to read each new message. I am devoting more time to writing for The Clear and Simple Way School. Past messages are still available. Find them in the pull down menu in the navigation bar under 'Monthly Messages.' Scroll down now to read all New Year Messages since 2008. Enjoy!


Click here: Angel Sighting to read

the July 4, 2014 message

June 2015 New Monthly Message
Beautiful Results

It's June 2015. I haven't written a new monthly message in a long time and today was inspired to do so. Today I will expound on the quote by Walt Whitman on my homepage: "And I will show you that there is no imperfection in the past, and can be none in the future. And I will show you that whatever happens to anybody, it may be turned to beautiful results."

Beautiful results. What do these words mean to you? Sometimes it is only by letting go of our judgments that we can clearly see the beauty that is here now. Perhaps beautiful results are here all along. The mind in ignorance equates desire with its own definition of beauty, thereby missing the real beauty; the compassion inherent in each moment; a beauty that contains and is everything. 

In ignorance, we believe that the mind is our master and we are its tool. Thus, we unconsciously give free reign to thoughts, letting them dictate and control our lives. Ignorance is not our true nature. Ignorance is the nature of ego. When we believe in the supremacy of the mind, we let ourselves be pulled wherever thoughts take us. We do not inquire: From where do thoughts arise? Am I only my thoughts that come and go and change constantly? Am I more than the physical body that has a beginning and an end? Am I more than the emotions that course through me? 

The wisdom of the heart cannot be learned, it can only be revealed. The spiritual path is not about acquiring more knowledge. The wisdom of the heart cannot be learned, it can only be revealed. Because it is already here! Your true nature is always here, shining in radiant splendor! Radiant splendor? Yes! Just because you are not aware of it, does not mean it is not so.

"And I will show you that there is no imperfection in the present, and can be none in the future. And I will show you that whatever happens to anybody, it may be turned to beautiful results."

These are not just idle words. Contemplate their meaning for yourself. If you have trouble understanding their meaning, you can ask God to help you understand. Contemplation is present, alive, and dynamic. Even when you do not receive instant understanding, please be assured that wisdom will unfold as you continue to turn within, contemplate, and turn to God for answers.

It takes courage to move beyond the mind, into the heart. Faith and trust are the oars that help us row our boats across troubled waters, across still waters, into the heart. For this, we need the mind, not as a compass, but as a tool. The only accurate compass is the heart.

The heart aligned with divine intelligence is a place of compassion, love, and wisdom. A place of healing. A place of acceptance. A place that is whole and perfect. A place of dynamic empowerment. A place where you can see yourself clearly. A place where you can see.


New Year's Message for 2015

People often begin a New Year with new hope and inspiration to change their lives for the better, and lose their enthusiasm as the year becomes old.

On The Clear and Simple Way we learn to show up for our spiritual path, do the best we can to change what is possible to change, and leave the rest to a higher power. We are not lazy; on the contrary, we can do more when stop trying to change what is not ours to change.


This year why not stop the struggle to be someone, get something, become someone. and just relax into being who you are. You are part of life and life is part of you. Pain comes when we struggle to change life to suit our preferences.

Step out of the madness of the world!

At the moment of your birth, breath knew to enter you, breathe for you, and give you life. This same breath is with you now. It breathes for you. It gives you life. Sit with your breath. In the silence. Relax. Go deep within and discover the peace within your own heart. 

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New Message for September 2014
The Journey of Life

In just a few days, Penny and I will be on a plane headed for Frankfurt, Germany, as well as other destinations, for the European Fall Tour 2014. It's been a lot of work getting ready to go, especially traveling internationally with a dog. But Penny is older now and cannot be left behind. Getting ready for a journey of this nature, researching the rules and protocol for traveling with a pet, dealing with problems that arise, remind me that all we must take is one step at a time here in this present moment.

If you have ever booked an airline ticket online, you know how stressful that can be! One minute the ticket is one price, the next moment the price changes. Sigh. Smile. In fact, a few days after I booked my nonrefundable ticket, the price went way down! If I see the lower fare with eyes of ego, then I can get upset, angry, enraged, thinking how unfair life is. If I just SEE, then the new fare is just a number that has no power to cause a negative reaction inside me. I can smile at the vagrancies of life over which I have no control.

We are all on a journey and the only part of that journey that matters is the step we are on right now. If I am at the foot of the mountain, what good does it do to worry about the top of the mountain? If I am at the top, why ruminate over how long it took me to get there?

New Year Message January 2014

What makes a New Year new? Giving it a new number? Are numbers real? Are numbers new? Are you ever really new just because you make new resolutions or step into a new year with a new number?

What is all this emphasis upon resolutions that most everyone never keeps, anyway? Why think you must make a list of mechanical resolutions like other mechanical beings out there in the mechanical world?

Why not be different? Why not resolve not to make resolutions from your old mechanical nature? Resolve to live in the present moment, as much as you can. Resolve to put forth the effort each moment to come closer to Truth. Resolve never to give up your walk towards Truth. This is a resolution worth making-and keeping.


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