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  • "Over the years, Indira has given me great encouragement and support. She is a careful and deep listener with a wealth of experience and insight. Her feet are planted solidly upo..."
  • "Indira has helped me find peace. She is as comfortable dealing with mundane issues as with profound issues of spirituality. Her work is deep, but full of surprises, lightness, a..."
  • "Indira's writing is pure poetry where angels inspire through ashes of rain and the color of music, bringing light and guidance, inspiring every moment, abiding in our hearts, in..."

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May is the month we take a special day to honor mothers, at least in the United States. It is thoughtful to take time to honor those mothers in our lives who have helped to nourish and nurture us to be who we are today.

Even if you did not have the best of care growing up, and many children do not, you are here now, able to read these words, so somewhere someone did something right. Someone fed you when you were too helpless to feed yourself. Someone sheltered you. Someone helped you arrive here--a  spiritual being on a spiritual journey. And that is a great deal to be grateful for.

We often take so much for granted. We may pray for miracles, search for angels, long for stunning visions in meditation--yet miss the miracle of a clear and simple life. The human body is gifted with senses that allow us to experience this world. Mother Earth nurtures us. Her flowers give us beauty. Her oceans give us calm. Her sky canopies us with awe. Breath flows in. Breath flows out. And there is Love.

Do your utmost to honor your Mother the Earth in all your ways. At least care for your own small part of the world, wherever you are right now. In this way, you assist angelic nature spirits in their work. When you practice living in harmony with nature, you naturally grow wiser, kinder, and gentler. You live life with greater integrity and responsibility. You become a positive conduit by giving back to Mother Earth instead of only taking from her. And that is a happy thought.

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