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May Message 2008

 How can rejection serve you?

     Most of us do not want to experience being rejected; yet the reality is that all of us have been rejected at some point in our life and will be again. Rejection is part of life. Possibly the only way never to experience rejection is never to try anything new. Possibly, and not likely.

     Many people fear rejection and take it as a big blow to their self esteem when it happens. Some people get so disheartened, they fear taking another step.

     I encourage you to look upon rejection as a positive force in your life! Think of it as your Higher Power's way of pointing you in a new direction! Instead of telling yourself, I am a failure, say, "Thank you, Universe, for showing me where I do not belong!"

     Rejection is a sign post on the map of life. It means you are out there in the world, following your dreams. This does not make you a failure--it makes you a success! Anyone can dream of climbing a mountain, starting their own business, having a relationship, or writing a book, but not everyone is able to take even the first step towards the realization of their goals.

     Some key areas where people face the fear of rejection are when asking for something, interviewing for a new job, or in relationship. Rejection is beneficial! The sooner you are "rejected" from a path (job, goal, partner, trip) that is not meant for you, the better. 

     'Better is one's own duty, though devoid of merit than the duty of another well discharged. Better is death in one's own duty; the duty of another is fraught with fear.' -The Bhagavadgita, III/35

     Better that we do not waste our valuable time on a path that is not ours. Rejection is a glorious way to redirect us on our path.

     You can accept rejection, not as an indication of failure, but as a friendly gesture directing you in another way. This will help you move forward with enthusiasm, not fear. Someone who fears rejection will likely be nervous, hesitant, and self-effacing. Who would you rather hire for a job or have a relationship with? An enthusiastic, confident person or an anxious, fearful one?

So consider rejection as a positive force in your life!

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