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Creating a sacred space of your own is a way to honor yourself and give a deeper meaning to your spiritual life. When you create a sanctuary devoted to spiritual practices, the spiritual energy of that place increases the more that you use it. Soon you may notice that simply entering your sanctuary puts you in a state of peace. Meditation and contemplation may come more easily to you.

Creating a spiritual sanctuary of your very own is a way of loving yourself. It is like a special secret you carry within you, wherever you go, whatever you are doing. When you are out in the world, just remembering your sacred space can bring you peace. It can remind of the sacred space within you.

This is the main purpose of creating a sacred sanctuary - to help you connect with your inner sanctuary - the peace and calm within yourself.

Your sacred space can be as simple as a candle or a flower in the corner of a room. It can be as elaborate as an entire room devoted to your spiritual life. You might choose a special place in nature or you might create a beautiful garden. Whatever you choose, it will be right for you.

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