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 The Stream of Life

If a shining silver stream had a mind like a human being it might lament, “Am I running in the right direction? Will I make it to the ocean? Why was I born a stream anyway? Why not a river? If only it would rain and rain, perhaps I could swell up and become a river. Then maybe my life would have meaning.” 

Meanwhile, the stream is just shining, just flowing towards the ocean. Meanwhile, life just goes on. 

The angels lovingly suggest that you jump wholeheartedly into the stream of your life. Trust that the stream knows the way, even when your mind does not. The stream of your life is intuitive, magical, intelligent, a bright and beautiful genius. Yes! It is a sparkling singing stream of light and wisdom carrying you where you need to be.

Doubt, fear, and self-criticism are blocks that keep us from flowing intelligently and enthusiastically with the stream of life. It pays to ask ourselves intelligent questions about the direction we are going. It pays to use the mind as a tool - not as a compass. The only accurate compass is the heart. 

When we let the mind take over, as though only it has sight and we are blind, we become prisoners of the mind. We get lost in the dark forest of ego. We forget we are a stream of light flowing through the dark forest to Light. We forget we can trust the heart. Instead of going within to find out what is true for us, we attach to and believe the vagrancies of the mind.

No matter. This is just what human beings do. Even getting lost in the dark forest of ego is not so dire. The heart knows the way. The heart lives in confidence because the heart is always connected to God. Into the heart flows a steady stream of intelligent intuition. 

You can always tap into this intuition. Ask God for help when you need it. Eventually, you will find yourself back in the flow. Maybe then you will realize you were never out of the flow - that every experience is just part of the stream of life. Maybe then you will be the ocean.

Need help getting in the flow? The Clear and Simple Way School is open for registration. Your monthly lessons will begin at the start of the next semester, but you may join your classmates right away in Your Open Classroom online, and begin to receive daily messages. See you in School! Questions or comments? theclearandsimpleway.