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Living from a thought self

This month's message asks you to do more than just read these words. It asks you to spend time each day being aware of who you think you are. 

For instance, watch yourself get worked up over something you are thinking about--something that creates negative feelings within you. When you become aware that you are deeply, emotionally involved in negative thoughts, take a breath, step back from yourself, and ask: 

Is this who I really am? Am I these thoughts I have been believing? Am I these emotions I have been feeling? Do I want to be this negative thought self? 

Try this exercise anytime you find yourself getting caught up in a negative experience. If you believe you are a thought self, you will be compelled to act as if you are. For example, when you start thinking jealous thoughts, you soon feel very jealous. If you do not stop to question this, you soon believe you are this jealous person. Then you are compelled to act like a jealous person. 

This is true for any negative thought self you create. If you think thoughts of anger, sadness, hostility, paranoia, inferiority, long and strong enough, soon you feel that way--and then you act that way.

Taking a moment to stop, step outside of your thought self, and ask intelligent questions about what you are thinking and feeling may give you perspective. You may realize that you are not a thought self unless you believe you are. You may become calmer. You may come into touch with who you really are. 

You may begin to see that thoughts come and go and change all the time. You may begin to see you are not a thought, but the space between thoughts.

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