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How content are you with your life? Are there areas of discontent you'd like to change? Discontent, itself, is an unpleasant experience. No one likes to feel discontented. Ideally, we want to exist in a state of inner peace at all times. Then we know, as did Chien-chih Seng-ts’an (606 AD), the Third Chinese Patriarch of ZenHsin Hsin Ming

The way is perfect as vast space is perfect, where nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess.

Discontent with some aspect of your current situation may be higher intelligence letting you know it's time for a change. On the other hand, it may be a misleading impulse from the ego or conditioned mind. It's not always easy to discern the difference. Even when a message originates from a higher source, ego will likely step in and try to control and take credit for the idea. Once ego is involved in anything, frustration and even greater discontent are sure to result. 

How can you know whether you are following higher intuition or ego? Sometimes only by the consequences…but here are some helpful hints: 

1. Are negative emotions or self-harming behaviors part of your thinking? These might include: resentment; rage; fear; a desire for revenge; running away with no concrete plan in mind; impulsive actions that lack clarity or purpose.

2. Are you living in fantasy? Do you have visions of fame and fortune, dreams of a better life, but lack the willingness and/or skills to take the steps and do the work necessary to achieve your goals?

3. Does your change involve risk-taking that could be dangerous to your wellbeing, health, or financial security?

4. Are you motivated by self-will, as opposed to higher will? Are you going ahead with your plans, even though they are vague? Do you feel a strong need to control the outcome? Do you have a sense of “you” being in control, leaving no room for higher intelligence?

5. Have you abandoned the present moment? Are you waiting to be happy 
when or if you reach your desired goal? Are you waiting to be happy…instead of being happy?

6. Even though your desire for change is motivated by the wish to be happier, have you become less happy? Are you feeling frustrated and stressed as a result of the actions you are taking? 

Although your desire for change may be motivated by unhappiness with your present situation…the actions you are taking toward your goal ought to be increasing your joy…not decreasing it. We can never be assured that our dreams will manifest exactly as we want them to…we cannot even be assured of a “future.” This means that what is important is nowthe present moment. A true vision of positive change ought to bring a degree of contentment, joy, and satisfaction. It is not so much what you do…it is how you experience what you do. An adult who gets mud on their hands and beneath their fingernails might experience frustration and anger. A child would probably experience joy and delight…and make mud pies. 

You always have the possibility to ask yourself intelligent questions about what you are thinkingfeeling, and doing. Wonderfully, this means you also have the possibility to receive intelligent answers. You can experience yourself as a student of life. You can open yourself to the great wisdom that is within you. This makes life an exciting event…of enthusiasm, passion, love, and joy. It makes you a happy person who is fun to be around…not only for other people…but also for yourself. We all want someone fun to hang out with…so make yourself someone fun for you to be with. Commit to living intelligently and passionately in the present. 

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