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June Message 2008 - Moving Towards Your Vision

In our last message we talked about creating a sacred sanctuary as a way to connect with your inner sanctuary. When we live from an inner sanctuary, we stop living in separation. We begin to experience the entire world as our sanctuary. 

We build a relationship of trust with our self in the same way we build trust with other people - by being consistent and honest with ourself and honoring the commitments that we make to ourself!

The first step to positive change is awareness. So make a commitment to be aware of the unconscious habits, attitudes, and addictions that weigh you down and wear you down. If you are sincere and ask God to help you, these will be revealed to you, as you are willing to receive them.

The second step is to make small changes into your life. Sit still with yourself and inquire within - What is one small step I can take today?

Take one small step at a time! You cannot reach the top of the mountain with one gigantic leap. You cannot reach it at all if you are not adequately prepared with food, water, equipment and perseverance.

Lazy people often do not appear lazy at all. They can look very busy, doing one haphazard thing after another, never really getting anywhere simply because they are too lazy to investigate what their first step must be and then take it. People may also avoid that first small step because they are caught in grandiosity, low self-esteem (the other side of grandiosity), frightened of success or failure, or just afraid. There are many reasons why people get lost in busy-ness or even lost in taking no action at all. 

You can have a better relationship with yourself by keeping your commitments to yourself. Whatever journey you are on, whatever vision you want to achieve, requires an intelligent appraisal of what you need to and can do to get there

When you are actively involved in taking small steps, you are living in the present while connected to the future. You come out of vagueness, laziness, fear, and isolation. You begin to Be Your Vision! - living enthusiastically and joyfully in the NOW, while taking the necessary steps towards the realization of your visions.

No one can do this for you. Only you, with the help of your Higher Power, can accomplish the tasks you set for yourself. The climb to the top of the mountain really is that clear. And simple. The clear and simple way.

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