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  • "Indira has helped me find peace. She is as comfortable dealing with mundane issues as with profound issues of spirituality. Her work is deep, but full of surprises, lightness, a..."
  • "Thank you for all your love and TREMENDOUS support. I am so grateful for all the work we have done together. It has helped me enormously start to become free from the mind and ..."
  • "My experience with you. Ineffable. Thank you feels like a tiny word for the time - the depths you went - and yes with the angels. My eyes swell with tears as I hold the angels i..."

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June 2011 Monthly Message


Take time to take in the many scents, sounds, and colors of June. Notice the flowers growing in the fields and forests. Kneel close enough to inhale their beauty. Notice the tiny jewel like humming birds or whatever birds nest near you. Listen to their songs. Lift your gaze to the exquisite skies. Go out at night to see the stars and moon.

Meld with the nature spirits! Spend time near running water to benefit from the uplifting effect of negative ions. Let your body move, stretch, and dance through nature. Do not let bad moods linger! Go to the forests, the fields, the oceans, and let your bad moods dissolve. Let yourself be held by nurturing mother nature. You do not have to be held captive by a bad mood!

If bad moods and grumpy thoughts are holding you down, tell them they have no power here. Say no! If you cannot go into nature, take a shower and let the negative ions of the running water uplift your spirit. Keep living plants in your home and look at them often; touch them; feel their gentle energy. Gather stones or crystals that are special to you; hold them and let your gaze turn toward their beauty. Burn a candle and watch the dancing flame.

Water, plants, crystals, stones, and fire are all part of nature. They naturally possess healing energy. The elements of nature are healing for body, mind, and soul, but we must take time to enter the Cathedral of Nature if we are to experience her uplifting, healing qualities. It's all a choice. We can choose to nurture bad moods and negative thinking, or we can do something different. We can choose the healing gifts of Mother Nature. This is not about repressing what is within us. It is about being awake and aware in our world so we do not give negativity the right to run our life. We consciously turn to something higher.

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