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June 2010 Message: The Crystal of the Mind

The mind is an effective tool for us to use, when we do not allow it to use us. It enables us to get to airports on time, recognize people, and read these words. It is also a tool for the light of higher consciousness to shine through--sort of like a crystal. The crystal itself has no power. It is the light shimmering through the crystal that has power. 

Just as different crystals have different properties, so do people. This allows the light to manifest through each person in unique and wondrous ways. Human beings may become singers, dancers, divers, scientists, or social workers based upon their innate talents, interests, and discipline. 

It is up to you to polish the crystal of your own mind as carefully and completely as you can, so the light of pure awareness can shine through unobstructed. Even the most beautiful crystal cannot be a conduit for the light if it is coated with dirt and kept hidden in a drawer. Only when we  polish the crystal and place it in the light can the sun shine through it, allowing the natural properties of the crystal to manifest. The beauty of the crystal always exist; just as your true self always exists. 

Just as it takes time to build muscles, time for babies to learn to walk, it takes time to dissolve the darkness so the light can shine clearly through you. When you find yourself becoming impatient or disheartened, remind yourself that impatience is a ploy of the ego. Remind yourself that you are walking your path and this is all that matters. The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first one and does not end until the last one. How we live our lives between those steps determines our happiness.

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