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5 Simple Ways to Care for Yourself! 

1. Write!  When you write, you become both reader and writer – teacher and student of your own words! Let the words flow spontaneously. 

Shakespeare counseled, “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”  

To be true to yourself, you must know yourself. Writing is a way to get to know the byways and highways of your own mind so you can soar along the freeways! Writing gives your deeper feelings and emotions a voice. 

Write whenever you feel inspired to do so. Morning, evening and inbetween. Don’t give yourself too many rules to follow! Within you is an inner knowing. Trust this knowing. You can learn to trust it more when you give it a voice through writing.

2. Walk!  Walk harmlessly upon the earth.Walking is good for your whole being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Do not let lazy habits parent you! Take that 1st step! Breathe. Relax. Feel your feet touching Mother Earth. Feel your muscles moving. Feel your body. Watch your mind. Watch your thoughts. Continue to walk, looking around you, enjoying the scenery. As you glide across the earth, your mind has a chance to play itself out harmlessly, like a windup toy unwinding until it wears itself out. By the end of your walk, you may be surprised to find yourself feeling uplifted, peaceful, connected to the sacred space within you. 

3. Eat Rainbows! Just as nearly equal amounts of all frequencies in the visible portion of the color spectrum are needed to make white light, so do we need many colors to create a healthy body. Fruits, vegetables, berries and nuts contain the vital essence of light from the sun, and so the spirit is nurtured, along with the body! 

Remember the rainbow revolution – plant and tend at least a few organic plants or herbs for yourself, nature spirits and honeybees!

4. Be of service! Especially when you are feeling neglected, rejected, or isolated. There is a basic human need to be needed. Whatever you do, do with care, awareness, and respect. Honor the role you play in the world. Conversely let others be of service to you! Say a simple thank you when someone gives you a compliment or does something nice. Say yes! more often when someone wants to do something kind for you. Ask another person for their expertise when you need it. Ask elders to share their guidance and wisdom. Ask a frail, infirm, or sick person for their opinion. Then you give others the gift of being needed. 

5. Play! Have fun! Laugh! Create! Sing! Dance! Jump! Hop! Skip! Collect marbles. Hang prisms in your windows. Wear ribbons in your hair. Smile a lot. Go to a nursing home and hug the elders. Kneel down and listen to a child. Make friends with a tree. Ride a bicycle. Have an elf party. Use your imagination to create beauty and joy!

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