The Clear and Simple Way  
Cosmic College of Angelic Wisdom

Judith A. Parsons, Msw aka Indira

Angel Sighting - July 4, 2016 New Message

It is 4th of July here in the USA, so there will be celebrating with picnics and fireworks and for some their idea of a good time is getting drunk. For us as spiritual beings, our idea of a good time is the sparkling radiance of God that is all around and within us and everything. Today try looking beyond the physical objects you see to the the aura or energy field that surrounds each object. Even an earthworm has its own aura. Trees have wonderful auras. And then there are the beings who are invisible to our eyes, little nature beings and tree spirits and such, who shine with their own light and color.

If we could see with our true vision, we'd see a sparkling radiating world - at least in nature. In the world of humankind - well, there would also be those dark and shadowy energies because so many humans so often live amongst the shadows of negative thoughts and emotions, which never manifest in light ways, only dark. So spending time in nature is a clear and simple way to spend time with the Light.

Wishing you all the freedom in your heart and soul, as the USA celebrates its independence from Britain so long ago. Hmm. And what is Britain celebrating? Getting free from the European Union? We shall see what will be. In the meantime, remember - you are in the world, but you are not of the world. Negativity and darkness are of this world. Light is of the kingdom of Heaven, God, Truth, Reality - this is your true home. As spiritual beings what we seek is freedom from the tyranny of the mind. Watch for the Light today. All love to you now and always.