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July 4th is a freedom celebration in the United States, although for many people it's just an excuse to get drunk and loud, which is another sort of bondage. While we cannot make the entire world free today, stop every war,  heal every hurt, we can focus upon our own freedom. 

As the angels always say, The only thing you have to share with anyone is your own state of being!

When we live freely, freedom is what we share with others, so you can see why your own spiritual state is of such significance, because it benefits not only you, but ultimately the world. 

A simple way to experience more freedom is by releasing stress. The most obvious place we harbor stress is in our bodies. Right now, you are invited to take a look at your body. Is your jaw tight? Your shoulders tense? Is your mouth relaxed? Is your breathing free and natural? As you become aware of the places where your body holds tension, you can consciously relax those areas. You can consciously take a few deep breaths and allow relaxation to permeate your being. 

You may notice just moments after consciously relaxing an area of your body that it tightens again. This will happen if your body has fallen into habits of stress and tension. Our bodies and minds continually repeat the habits they have learned, even when those habits are destructive. It takes constant dedication and repetition to unlearn negative habits and learn new habits of peace and relaxation. 

Find out what you need to be more relaxed and peaceful. This requires an awareness of the ways you hold yourself in bondage through unhealthy habits and attitudes. So practice awareness of yourself, your mind, your ways of being. Notice when you are tense and agitated. Ask yourself what you can add to your life to release stress and increase peace

Looking for greater spiritual freedom and support for living a healthy abundant life? You are invited to become a student in The Clear and Simple Way School! You will immediately receive Daily Messages and be invited into the Open Classroom online where you may share your spiritual journey with like-minded individuals who are also intent upon living in freedom. 

Your Monthly Lessons will begin at the start of the next semester and arrive in your email box on the 8th of each month.  

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