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February 2011 Message - The End of the World?

Throughout the ages doomsayers and others have been predicting the end of the world, and yet none of these prophecies have come true. Now there are those focusing upon the end of the Mayan calendar as the date of cataclysmic change and perhaps the end of the world.


Prophesies of doom and gloom do nothing to help the world or the people in it. Stories based on fear only begat more fear. And there is nothing more fearful for most people than the thought of losing "their" life, "their" world.


Forget such prophecies which come not from ancient wisdom, but from foolish minds and their interpretation of what they read Instead of thinking about losing your life, think about getting a life! Ask yourself some hard questions:

Do I really have a life to lose? Is the life I have real? Or is my life merely a conglomeration of thoughts? - a thought-created self that I call "me." 

Do I spend most of my time trying to cement the notion of who I am into place? Do I become fearful, indignant, angry, apprehensive, anxious, whenever someone questions my idea of who I think I am? Do I strike out at other when my idea of myself is challenged or threatened?

Do I hold on tight to my self-concepts? Do I define myself by success or failure -- how much money I have, what I own, who likes or dislikes me, how good looking I think I am, how "spiritual" I believe I am, my age, name, or race? The color of my hair? The color of my car?

Think about losing your unreal life and getting a real life. Beyond the myriad of thoughts that confuse your day, convincing you that your thought self is real, there is a real you, a true and pure you. This you is never born and never dies, even if all the mountains should fall into the seas, even if the entire world should perish in one cataclysmic event.

As human beings, we walk around unconscious and asleep, believing we are awake. Only by realizing that you are unconscious can you begin to wake up. You have no chance of waking up if you do not know you are aslDedicate your life to waking up! Forget about your body dying or the world ending. Your body will surely die. The world will be here or not. What matters is your inner world, for your inner world predicts how you will experience your life, whether you are happy or sad. Dedicate yourself to knowing yourself - the Self that exists beyond all thought, all action, all earthly beginnings and endings. Then you shall not fear, though the earth be removed and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea. Then you shall stop living in the only doomsday there is - that which the ignorant ego mind projects constantly into the world. When false limitations are seen through,  you begin to see clearly.

Focus on getting a life, a real life. Focus on becoming aware of every thought that tries to convince you that it is more real than the next or the last. A thought of depression assures you that it is real and will last forever. A thought of happiness convinces you that this is real happiness and will never fade. A thought of fear takes over and tells you that your life is over or the world will end.

Thoughts are experts at convincing you they are real and they are your life. Thoughts feed on drama, on the highs and lows.

So wake up! Today! Be smarter than thoughts! Watch them! Do not blindly believe them! Be smarter than the average person. Be willing to let your false life end so that you can find a true and eternal life. Do not worry about the world ending or your body dying. Focus your energy on getting a real life.


This requires constant vigilance because the ego is so crafty and tricky. The ego has a thousand ways to convince you that it is real. Simply observe your mind. Watch yourself reacting. Study yourself so carefully that there is nothing left to hide, nowhere left to hide.

Do not run from anything. Face everything, head on, wide awake. Do not let useless fear keep you from walking through the dark forest of ego into the clear light of Truth.

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