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Message for February 2009 
Connecting With Positive Affirming Messages

Must you believe in angels for their messages to work for you? 

You do not have to believe in angels to receive their help. But why not listen to their messages of wisdom, love, and compassion?

Have you noticed how easy it is to tune into messages of fear and negativity? Just by turning on the radio or listening to your own mind! Why not listen instead to positive affirming messages that uplift, enlighten, and remind you of your true nature and connect you to Divine Intelligence! 

When we live connected to a Higher Power, we live in peace. When we live in peace, our very existence is a service to the earth and to everyone we meet.
Therefore, you are invited to listen to the messages of the angels. These messages come to you all the time, from many sources. Tell yourself that you are willing to open your eyes, ears, and heart to receive the positive uplifting messages that are always trying to make their way to you. Tell yourself that you are willing to ignore messages of lack, loss, fear, and limitation.

In this way you become a light in a world of darkness.

This does not mean that you do not heed the warnings of the angels and your own intuition. Indeed, as you become more conscious, more aware! You begin to hear the voice of intuition that warns you of danger ahead and gently nudges you along a different path.

Listening to the angels does not make you a sloppy, silly person, pretending there is no darkness, do lies, no cruelty in the world. When you listen to angels, you see what is as it is. You see the darkness and so you carry the light with you so that you can see where you are going. You become more conscious, more aware, more you!

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