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December 2009 Monthly Message 
Desire for the Holidays
Desire for Christmas

     For many people December is a time to think about fulfilling desires. Desires can tell a lot about someone. If you want to know more about yourself, try making a list of what you most desire. 

     Go wild with desire--at least on paper! Hold nothing back. Get all those desires down on paper or in your computer. Then take a good look at your list. Ask yourself, What does that list say about the person who has those desires? Ask yourself, Are those desires necessary to my happiness? 

      Are there some desires you can delete from your list? Are there some desires you might like to fulfill for someone else instead? Now that's an idea, isn't it! Take some of the desires that you wish for yourself and give them to someone else! 

  • Do you wish someone would bring you flowers? Bring that person flowers!

  • Do you wish your boss would compliment you on your work? Compliment your boss!

  • Do you wish you could lose ten pounds? Donate ten pounds of food to the hungry.

  • Do you wish you could afford a new car? Buy a child in need a brand new shiny toy car!

  • Do you wish you had more time? 

  • Remember that time is a limitation, and you can cancel time by living in the timeless state of the Present Moment!

     The possibilities are endless. The point is not to feed every ego desire, but to try something different. Think differently and you will be different and act in new ways!

      Try it! You could have a lot of fun. You could transform from the inside out. You could break free from limited thinking and expand into limitless creativity! You could get free of limited desires and expand into the unlimited universe where all things are possible.

     Want support for rising above desire? Give a special gift to yourself or someone else. Gift The Clear and Simple Way School.

Thanks to Thomas Leininger for use of the photo.