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August Monthly Message 2010  - Rising Above Negativity

Everyone knows how easy it is to think negative thoughts; easy but not clear and simple. Studies have shown the average person engages in negative thinking about eighty percent of the time. Eighty percent! No wonder the human race needs angels!

Rise above the average! Become extraordinary!

For today or the next hour or however long you can remember to do it, notice when your mind is complaining to you. Isn't it amazing how we can go about our day, engaging in our normal activities, while the mind groans, moans, and complains! 

Going through a day (an hour or a lifetime) with a groaning, complaining mind is like going through life carrying rocks on top of our head. No wonder people get tired! No wonder people get discouraged! No 

wonder people lose faith in themselves!

Tell yourself that you will no longer give 80% of your precious life to negativity. Negativity exists in darkness and isolation. So shine the bright light of awareness on your thoughts. Turn on the light of your own intelligence!  When thoughts of doom and gloom visit you, take a good look at them. Take a GOOD look! Are those the kind of thoughts you want running your life?

Remember: What you are unaware of controls you. When you become aware of habitual unconscious thought patterns, they begin to lose control over you! This is the way to happiness. This is the clear and simple way.

The Clear and Simple Way School  helps you rise above the ordinary into the extraordinary. Enroll today and join others like yourself who are intent upon living peaceful happy lives. Begin your Orientation, join your classmates in Your Online Open Classroom, and receive Daily Email Messages. 

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See you in School! 

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