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  • "Indira's writing is pure poetry where angels inspire through ashes of rain and the color of music, bringing light and guidance, inspiring every moment, abiding in our hearts, in..."
  • "Indira has helped me find peace. She is as comfortable dealing with mundane issues as with profound issues of spirituality. Her work is deep, but full of surprises, lightness, a..."
  • "My experience with you. Ineffable. Thank you feels like a tiny word for the time - the depths you went - and yes with the angels. My eyes swell with tears as I hold the angels i..."

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I am visiting family and friends here in rural New York State. It's Sunday morning and  church bells are ringing. I am looking out at the sun, a soft blue sky, and bright white clouds. The trees are luscious with green leaves. I see a garden of happy sunflowers. There is nothing like the Cathedral of Nature for experiencing the magnificence of God.

There is only energy. Everything on earth is alive, pulsating and vibrating with energy. Some life is sentient, some is not, but it is all life. When we lose our trees, land, and the quality of air and water to pollution and destruction, we begin to lose our humanity. There is no dignity in the mass slaughter of gentle rain forests and pristine blue waters.

The city where angels live is not Los Angeles or Berlin. It is Unicity. Dwelling in Unicity, angels see the face of God wherever they look.

Can you imagine living in Unicity, seeing the face of God wherever you look? This is where you live and all you ever see, no matter what your thoughts may tell you.

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