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April 2009 Monthly Message
April Showers Bring May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers, so the saying goes. This spring I wish you flowers everywhere - in your hair - in your chair -  surrounding you with fragrant beauty. 

In Los Angeles, where it seldom showers, the night-blooming Jasmine provide a scented sensuous backdrop when strolling after twilight. The flowers are so tiny and their fragrance so intense that it's like floating in a dream of intoxicating perfume.


Rejuvenate yourself by taking time to be in nature, planting a garden, or just looking at all the new life springing up from Mother Earth. I love visiting the same place in nature consistently, getting to know it and watching how it changes. When we see - really see - we notice even the subtle differences. Gentle walks in nature, letting go of our thoughts and entering the world of nature and nature spirits increase intuition and compassion. Nature is our Teacher when we let it be.

Contemplate the Changes 

you Observe in Nature. 

When we are not attached to the way things should be -- there should be sun, there should not be snow - we are more at peace with what is.


You can practice this in Nature 

or in Imagination

Find a quite place where you can be alone with the flowers, a stream, trees, mountains, or maybe the desert, depending on where you live. Be still. Let yourself meld into nature. Notice the way a flower grows on its fragile stem, so tiny in such a large world. Let yourself become the flower, in the present moment, unafraid, not thinking of a possible storm or a long cold winter.

Or be a stream. Let your consciousness leave you and enter the stream. Experience yourself clear and light, flowing effortlessly over rocks and barriers on your path....Or a tree, your branches reaching in ecstasy to the sky, your roots singing into the earth....Or a rock or a mountain soaking up the radiant heat and light of the sun....Or a desert stretching hot and dry into infinity.

Yes! Nature is a Great Teacher! 

In imagination you can travel everywhere you want to be. We often use imagination for unimaginative things - like remembering an unhappy past or a frightening future. Why not use imagination for useful things? You will be happier when you do! And so will the people around you. Just as people are pulled toward a warm spring day or a beautiful flower, so are they pulled to a sunny, happy nature. 

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