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April 2008 Message, Being Breathed

Peace is only a breath away.

Breathing. Being breathed.

Breath is the most vital substance in the physical universe. At birth breath knew to flow into your body. Until your last moment you can trust breath to flow in and flow out. You
do not have to do anything to make this happen. Even when you sleep, breath flows. The act of breathing happens with no effort from us. Effortless. Breathing. Being breathed.

Breath flows in. Breath flows out. Be still and focus upon the breath that gives and sustains your life. Inhale and feel breath nourish and fill you. Exhale and feel tension flow out. Let yourself experience gratitude for the clear and simple act of breathing. Breath in gratitude. Breathe out gratitude.

When you notice that you are tense, frightened, or angry, bring your focus to breath. Let breath slow and deepen. When breath is harmonized, so are you.

Peace is only a breath away.

Breathing. Being breathed.

Reading the words of angels can have an uplifting effect upon our lives because angels exist in peace, so peace is what they naturally share.

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