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April 2011 Monthly Message
Nuclear Power, Unclear Power

What can we learn from the cataclysmic events, both natural and man-made,that have shocked & rocked the world in recent years? 

First, that there is a difference between the natural events of nature and the horrors men are capable of generating. Events of nature are impersonal. Human destruction is motivated by fear, revenge, hate, greed, and the desire for power over others. Only people who have no real power at all, no power over their own mind and emotions, seek power over others--in an attempt to cover up how frightened they really are.

From the angelic point of view, there is only one Power, which is available to every human being, but the way is not easy[1]. The way to inner power is through the fire, which means facing our fear; acknowledging our own darkness. Only when we see our false self as it is can we begin to be free of it. Whenever we turn our eye outward to see the darkness in others, we must also turn that eye inward, to ask if we, ourselves, are free of that same darkness. We must be ruthless in examining our own life and motives. We must stand in the very center of the darkness of our false nature until all that remains is the clear light of Truth.

Sudden catastrophic events alert us to the brevity and unpredictability of life. They can teach us to love, the best way we can, in our own world, to enjoy what we have, while it is here. When we cannot stop someone else's pain or suffering, when there is nothing we can do, we can always turn within, to the Source of all love. Suffering because someone else is suffering is a lost cause. It serves no purpose. It does not make you a better, kinder, or gentler  person. It also does not help anyone else.

Love is the greatest power -- not man-made love, which is always unclear. Mad-made love often explodes and harms, just like nuclear power; it may work for awhile, but it carries within it the force for great destruction -- because it is an unclear power, one that ultimately humans cannot control. 

Times of tragedy teach the importance of walking toward Truth, now, today, while you can, while you are still here, alive and breathing. The more centered you are in Truth, the better you can weather any storm. You cannot help others if you are not first here for yourself. The best time to turn inward is not when the world fails you, but when you are standing upright in the sun, warm and safe. 

We best honor those who suffer by going deeper into love; using the time we have for good; for the good of our spiritual evolution. The earth that crumbled beneath someone else's feet yesterday could crumble beneath our own today; so we must not waste a single breath that we can use to understand ourselves and come closer to God. Then even should our world crumble beneath our feet, we would not crumble. A crumbling falling apart human being is of no benefit to the world, especially if that world is in crisis. 

Every event can be seen as an opportunity to understand the way our own mind works. Everything in life is a teaching. When we allow ourselves to be students of life everything becomes our teacher until finally student and teacher merge, and there is only One, one eternally clear Power.

The Clear and Simple Way School of Happiness presents a clear, practical, and direct approach to learning and applying spiritual principals to your life so you can make the best use of your earthly existence to learn and evolve toward a happier life.

[1].Death Instructing Nachiketa in the Katha-Upanishad"Arise! Awake! Approach the feet of the Master and know THAT (the Eternal Absolute). Narrow is the path and difficult to tread like the Razor's Edge." 'The Razor's Edge' is also a 1944 novel by W. Somerset Maugham. Its epigraph reads, "The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over; thus the wise say the path to Salvation is hard." --Katha-Upanishad