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Judith A. Parsons, Msw aka Indira


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Quotes Indira's writing is pure poetry where angels inspire through ashes of rain and the color of music, bringing light and guidance, inspiring every moment, abiding in our hearts, in the music. ~Hirth Martinez, Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist 1945-2015 Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to thank you for the East Coast Retreat. I have not taken any migrane medication. I stopped all of it cold turkey thanks to you and the angels. I have been writing in a journal and have been seeing things differently. I went to work Monday morning and stopped for my usual coffee and doughnut. The first bite of the doughnut tasted like grease!!!! It didn't taste sweet like I remembered. So I have not had anymore. I am going to register for your Clear and Simple Way School. Thank you and the angels soooooo much again. You gave me a great gift. I am awake! -Love, Quotes

Quotes Following the East Coast Retreat, I went home and slept straight for 7 hours. This is the first time in 12 years that I have slept over 2 hours without waking up. I can't wait for the next retreat. I loved meeting everyone. Love, Aunt Jo Quotes
Jo Z.

Quotes Everyone loved the East Coast Retreat and said they would come again; that is amazing. I am still looking for the way to express the love and friendships that we all walked away with thanks to you. It was such a beautiful experience. Thank you. Quotes
Holly R.

Quotes What I like most about The Clear and Simple Way seminars is the spontaneity: Judy does not adhere strictly to a program but deals in her warm and lovely way with individual concerns and struggles, thus creating a unique healing experience for everyone involved. Quotes

Quotes My experience with you. Ineffable. Thank you feels like a tiny word for the time - the depths you went - and yes with the angels. My eyes swell with tears as I hold the angels in my heart. Quotes

Quotes Indira has helped me find peace. She is as comfortable dealing with mundane issues as with profound issues of spirituality. Her work is deep, but full of surprises, lightness, and humor. Quotes

Quotes Thank you for all your love and TREMENDOUS support. I am so grateful for all the work we have done together. It has helped me enormously start to become free from the mind and the countless beliefs and fears. Thank you so much. Quotes

Quotes Over the years, Indira has given me great encouragement and support. She is a careful and deep listener with a wealth of experience and insight. Her feet are planted solidly upon the ground with the heavenly realms open to her. Since knowing Indira, the angels have become a part of my everyday life. Quotes