The Clear and Simple Way  
Cosmic College of Angelic Wisdom

Judith A. Parsons, Msw aka Indira




If you think you have never experienced an angel’s help or guidance, perhaps it is because you have a preconceived idea of what an angel should look like and of what it should do for you. Angels can take any form that is necessary to carry out their mission. If you expect a being of white light with feathery wings, you might miss the angel that appears to you in the guise of  an ordinary looking person, a song, or a feeling of encouragement. You might miss the soft sweet voice of your guardian angel whispering words of wonder in your ear. You might even miss the commanding voice of the angel, warning you away from danger or a bad decision.
    There is, of course, nothing ordinary about angels, no matter how they are disguised. There are no ordinary angels. There is only ordinary seeing. You may experience the uplifting, expansive energy of angels more often than you realize.

 Even when you are not aware of angels, angels are aware of you. Angels are always here for you, especially when times are challenging. Even when you cannot see them, you can experience their guidance and comfort through these words.
     The compassionate energy of the angels is  nurturing and healing. This same compassion exists within your own heart. You can always turn to your heart for comfort and guidance. There are many minds and many bodies, but there is only one heart.
     Angels are here to encourage you to awaken to the beauty of the present moment. This present moment is all there is. The angels call to you, sing to you, Come! Come here, come here to the present moment. There is nowhere else to be. Come! Awaken to your divine nature.