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Judith Indira Parsons, MSW

Judith Ann Parsons a received her Masters in Clinical Therapy from SUNY Albany, New York. She has been in practice in both the public and private sector, as a case manager with dual diagnosed clients and with neglected and abused children. She now maintains a private practice. She has an extensive background and experience working with people of all ages in groups, individual and couples counseling and intuitive readings. She tours and works in both Europe and the USA.

Her life and career underwent a shift following a near-death experience (NDE) in 1981. She had to come to terms with an experience that was unlike anything she had ever known. When she 'died; and left her body she came into contact with Beings-of-Light, Angels, and a Light that held all Love, all Wisdom, and all Compassion. She chose to go to the Light, but an angel sent her back to her body to complete her life journey.

This encounter with angelic beings and the Light transformed her thinking and life. Her work became more intuitive and empathic, guided by the higher teachings of the angels. In 2008 she founded and authors 'The Clear and Simple Way School of Conscious Awareness' - an online and email course of spiritual and practical study.

She offers counseling and intuitive readings by phone and in person, as well as seminars, readings, and group work in the USA and Europe. She is known for her deep compassion and ability to guide others to the messages in their own heart and access  information that may be hidden from their conscious mind.


Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling
Seminar Leader, Speaker
Intuitive Readings
By phone and In person
The Clear and Simple Way School

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